“Time savings is a big plus!! We tighten loose barbwire in spots. We have used hammers, wire pliers, staples, and strecthers before, and being alone fixing fence, the clips just make it easier!!! Having broken wire, we just add a new piece of new wire, and install a clip, to retighten the wire. These clips are an essential item in fixing fences. I would not be without them!!!”

C. Sands – Southeast Georgia

“I have been in the cattle business 40 years!! And it always seems I have the unpleasant task of mending barbwire fencing. Your wire clips make this chore much easier, and save remarkable time!!! It is the best product I have found to date to repair broken fencing or to tighten loose wire. Thanks for developing this product!!!”

Michael Hunt – Calhoun, Georgia

“Where have they been all my life? I mean Jake’s Wire Tighteners. After all the hurricane damage at the ranch this year, it was a piece of cake tightening all the fences. Less than a minute and on to the next one. Don’t leave the barn without them.”

R. Rodgers – Lake County, Florida

“The Jake’s Wire Tighteners are extremely helpful around my farm. I am constantly faced with being by myslef when repairing fence on the farm. With the jake’s wire tighteners, I can repair my barbed wire fence with no assistance from hired help. It is also very fast, which helps with livestock concerns. I would not do it any other way after using the Jake’s Wire Tightener.”

Herb Sheheane – Quincy, Florida

“I’ve used the wire tighteners for 2 years and they really work!! After the 4 hurricanes, with trees on my fences, I used them to tighten my fences quickly. They’re a product that I can highly recommend.” Roy Petteway – Petteway Citrus & Cattle

Roy Petteway – Zolfo Springs, Florida

“I fought loose barbwire for years trying to keep the wire tight. Then I started using Jake’s Wire Tighteners, and it took all the work out of tightening up barbwire. In case of a tree falling on the fence, just use a clip or two, and they will tighten the wire back, taking only a second to install, and your gone!! You can even maintain the tight wire just by giving it another turn of the handle later on!! I will never be without Jake’s Wire Tighteners again!!”

L. Harvey – North Florida

I keep Jake’s Wire Tighteners in my vehicle at all times. No need to go back to the barn to get the hammer, stretcher, staples, etc. Just put one on the wire and turn and off to the next pasture. They not only work well, but when you think of the time you save (money), they are cheap!!

I must admit, the first time I used them, I thought, gosh, I don’t think so. Then about 6 months later, I tried them again and got the knack of how to do it, and I am now a convert and disciple. Keep up the good work!!” Bill – The Sell Farm, LLC – Milner, Georgia

Bill – Milner, Georgia

“When I first saw Jake’s clips I was a bit skeptical. I went ahead and bought a package of them and first try I was sold. It is amazing how much time is saved not to mention no more torn clothes and scratched arms when using them.

No more pulling staples loose and unwinding wire at corner posts. No more come along to use either. Even broken wire is not a chore anymore. All in all, the clips have been a wise investment not so much as the money but more so in time and aggravation eliminated from fence repair.”

Robert M. Crews, Sr. – Wachula, Florida

“I used your tool and clips for the first time today. Thank you so much! I tightened and spliced a lot of my fence and it make it easy. I’ve been looking for a tool like this for years.”

Ron Hogan – Gallatin, Tennessee

“My husband works during the day so I am alone to take care of our ten horses and eighty acres. I love Jake’s Wire Tighteners. I can tighten a fence easily all by myself. The clips are practically invisible leaving a very neat-looking fence. I like to keep a supply at hand. Jake was a genius!”

Sharon Morningstar – Coursegold, California